Easy way to use macros in your deployment descriptors.

releases = [“”version””]

licensing = “Eclipse Public License – v 1.0″

” =============== ”
“The Apache Software License, Version 2.0”
” – ”

“Eclipse Public License – v 1.0”
” – ”

” =============== ”
“Paths on your system”

“The paths on your system”

title = “”JAIN SLEE 1.1 Descriptor Editor””
“Version” = “0.6”
“The Plugin” = “JAIN SLEE 1.1 Descriptor Editor”
“Site” = “”
“Bug Tracker” = “”
“Bug Reports” = “”
“JIRA” = “”
“Help” = “”
“Website” = “”
“Email” = “support@jainslee.org”
“Issue Tracker” = “”

“Bug Tracker” = “”
“Bug Reports” = “”
“JIRA” = “”
“Help” = “”
“Website” = “”
“Email” = “support@jainslee.org”
“Issue Tracker” = “”
“Requires” = “1.0”
“Requires [0]” = “JAIN SLEE 1.1”
“Requires [1]” = “JSP 1.2”
“Requires [2]” = “JSP 1.1”
“Requires [3]” = “Eclipse 3.2”
“Requires [4]” = “Java EE 5 APIs”
“Requires [5]” 93076646e9

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MacroMachine is a tool that lets you create macros, i.e. small programs for your computer, which are executed automatically. You can create macros that imitate the action of a key press, a mouse click or text input, or you can automate complex actions. MacroMachine can be used in all programs which can execute commands.
Simple macro functions in MacroMachine are included as predefined “Command sets” in the program. Command sets contain functions for example to open a file, send an e-mail message, or log in to an FTP-server.
To do something with a mouse click, you must create a “Mouse macro” – which are executed automatically. MacroMachine also has a keyboard macro function; this allows you to click a predefined key in a predefined number of times. This makes the execution of a key press redundant.
MacroMachine allows you to create mouse macros by clicking the desired mouse function several times and type a key or mouse click each time. You can even associate a key or mouse function with a particular program. For example, you can insert a symbol, e.g. £, in Word or use the mouse function to open a file.
If you want to create macros which your computer can execute automatically, MacroMachine is the program for you. The macros you create are called “Macros”. MacroMachine has different functions and uses different macro formats.
The “Macro Editor” in MacroMachine is a special program that lets you create, edit and view macros. It is structured into different tabs for “Mouse macro” functions, “Keyboard macros” and “Macros” of different formats.
The “Macro Machine” window is the central interface for MacroMachine. The Macro Machine has three panes on the left: the “Macros” pane, the “Keyboard Macro Editor” pane and the “Macro Name Editor”.
The “Macro Machine” pane is a central interface for MacroMachine. The Macro Machine has three panes on the left: the “Macros” pane, the “Keyboard Macro Editor” pane and the “Macro Name Editor”.
The “Macro Name Editor” pane lets you change the name of the macro in case you later want to edit the macro. You can also create new macros. The macro format you use is highlighted by a menu bar on top.
The macro function is provided by selecting a text and clicking the mouse button once. If you want to type a text, you must first



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