The KEYMACRO Firefox extension enables you to add a single hotkey combination to activate the context menu of any website, or any application. You will be able to use that hotkey combination anywhere and on any Web page, without having to open the browser’s keyboard.
The Keymacro extension works the same way as the already available Chrome and Opera plugins, in that you just have to press a single key combination on your keyboard, for example Ctrl+K, and it will activate the menu, and if the browser is already in a page that has a context menu, you will be able to use the menu as usual.
Besides, you can activate the menu at any time, just by pressing that hotkey combination.
One of the coolest features of the extension is that it allows you to create multiple keycombinations, each with a different function, and assign them to different contexts, so you could, for example, use the Ctrl+K combination to bring up the context menu of any website, but another one to open the desktop version of Firefox.
Handy browser extension that provides you with different shortcuts to easily access the browser’s menus
Firefox users will be more than happy to hear that they can finally get their hands on a Firefox browser add-on that allows them to bring up the browser’s context menu using the Ctrl+K shortcut.
The “Keymacro” Firefox extension was first launched by a developer going under the username “chris_guerin” on the Add-ons website, and it was then quickly picked up by other users, who have now created more than 13 different shortcut key combinations, each of which is extremely handy.
While this extension certainly makes sense to Firefox users who are searching for a way to add shortcuts to their browser’s menus, it can also be a good solution to those who, for one reason or another, have to use Chrome.
You can access the context menu of any website or web app by pressing the Ctrl+K key combination on your keyboard.
The web browser extension also enables you to create multiple custom shortcuts, each with a different function, and assign them to different contexts, so you can for example use Ctrl+K to open the browser’s context menu and then another combination to open the browser’s desktop version.
In the past, this kind of browser extension used to be incredibly rare. But now, thanks to this handy little extension, we can say that Firefox users have finally been offered a single Chrome-like browser extension for their 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a multilingual macro recorder and macro editor that enables users to automate the most repetitive tasks using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The program uses simple text filters to allow users to specify the exact characteristics of the objects that will be recorded and can even be scripted to trigger events. KEYMACRO works in both GUI and console versions.
KEYMACRO Features:
* Multilingual: KEYMACRO runs under the most common Windows languages (English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese). You can record macros in different languages and simply load them up later without having to write any code.
* Sequential recording: You can record commands into a text file that is generated automatically. It is very easy to organize your macros. For example, a user could write “Select all contacts” and then specify that the selection should be saved and send a mail, with only one additional line of code.
* Macro Schedules: You can add your macros to specific schedules and run them on demand, which is very useful if you have several macros to run every day.
* Hotkeys: Record hotkeys with or without parameters. The user can specify any text as a parameter for any command. This allows users to combine several commands into a single action, and is particularly useful in conjunction with the Hotkey Pane.
* Hotkey Pane: The Hotkey Pane is a window that can be opened and closed at any time. Each Hotkey is added to this window so you can group your macros by action.
* Drag-and-drop: It is very simple to edit and add your own text filters.
* Storing macros in XML: You can use the syntax editor to generate your own XML to store your macros. The format is very flexible and allows you to add new parameters and commands.
* Run macros from tray icon: You can use the tray icon to run your macros or schedule a macro.
* Run macros from custom icon: You can use the “Run…” dialog to load your macros.
* External process control: You can record or run macros with the control of any other applications, including CTRL-ALT-DEL and the “Start menu”. This is very useful if you want to have other applications open at the same time as your macros.
* RegEx: KEYMACRO has a built-in RegEx that allows the creation of very specific filters that you can specify as parameters for the macro recorder.
* Record macros with any action:



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