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KEYMACRO is an application that supports business owners to streamline operations by keeping track of orders and payments with an automated management system. In fact, this application was made specifically to serve the needs of commercial activities that involve the sale of goods or services.
Streamlining operations seems to be the KEYMACRO’s main objective. Being a part of the software’s interface, management of goods, services, sales, invoices and purchases can be done with a single click.
This seems to be very practical for those who have a lot of activities that involve the sale of goods and services. From there, one can add or modify certain aspects of the transactions or save time by avoiding back-and-forths with the counterpart.
In terms of practicality, KEYMACRO makes it easy for the business owner to view a summary of sales, order status, product information and vendor information on the desktop as well as a mobile device.
This application also gives information about inventory, such as product availability, product location, purchase volume, type of products, invoice type and quantity, credit balance, etc. It also provides for the customization of invoices and orders that can be posted at any time. In that way, keymacro can be used to manage a business’ operations well in the digital era.
KEYMACRO is rather intuitive in terms of its interface. For example, the management of purchase orders, sales order or shipments can be easily done using the software’s sidebar or the navbar.
Keymacro also supports sales management through its inventory system. Inventory can be maintained on the desktop or a mobile device in real-time or in a summary form.
In addition, sales can be tracked in a simplified way and at any time, one can view detailed information about orders, shipments and shipments in real time.
KEYMACRO also offers invoice management features and different invoice types like payment methods, invoice type, amount, etc. Invoice details can be viewed on the dashboard, summary or real-time.
In addition, workflows and tasks can be assigned to staff members or other users to speed up the process, manage payments, and track of sales in real time.
KEYMACRO is equipped with several features that are supposed to improve the process. 
For example, in regards to inventory, an intuitive mobile app is available, in order to manage information related to inventory, sales, invoices, purchase orders, vendors, etc. This is quite 384a16bd22

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The macro [keymacro] is a way to create new macros within source code.
In its original use, [keymacro] can be used to define new functions (in more
general, to define new code within the source code). However, thanks to the
[keymacro] feature, it is possible to use [keymacro] to simulate certain
The procedure explained below shows you how to use [keymacro] to simulate the
interrupts described in the following table:
[keymacro] KeyNumber Description
IClDDBKILD Block printing KILD=1 Print KILD=0
IClDMAKDBK Block printing KDBK=1 Print KDBK=0
IClDCCKDBK Block printing KDBK=1 Print KDBK=0
IClDICDBK Block printing IKDBK=1 Print IKDBK=0
IClDISDBK Block printing IKDBK=1 Print IKDBK=0
IClDIDBK Block printing IKDBK=1 Print IKDBK=0
IClIDMAKDBK Block printing IKDBK=1 Print IKDBK=0
IClIICDBK Block printing IKDBK=1 Print IKDBK=0
IClIFDBK Block printing IFDBK=1 Print IFDBK=0
IClGDBK Block printing GDBK=1 Print GDBK=0
IClFMAKDBK Block printing GDBK=1 Print GDBK=0
IClGICDBK Block printing GDBK=1 Print GDBK=0
IClHDBK Block printing HDBK=1 Print HDBK=0
IClFMAKDBK Block printing HDBK=1 Print HDBK=0
IClGHDBK Block printing HDBK=1 Print HDBK=0
IClFICDBK Block printing FICDBK=1 Print FICDBK=0
IClGIICDBK Block printing FICDBK=1 Print FICDBK=0
IClFIDBK Block printing FICDBK=1 Print FICDBK=0
IClGIDMAKDBK Block printing F


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