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The first version of AutoCAD (known as AutoCAD 1 or AutoCAD 1.0) was released in 1987. Since then, the app has gone through many revisions. The current version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2019. It is available in both the Standard Edition (for desktop) and the Architectural Edition. In the Standard Edition, you have basic editing tools for drawing and annotating 2D drawings. Architectural Edition includes additional features for drafting and drafting the 3D model of the design.

AutoCAD 2019 is a good option if you’re a freelancer or work from home. Its free updates and cloud-based features make it easy for you to learn and use. But don’t forget, AutoCAD 2019 needs to be licensed to be able to use the Architectural Edition. You can get an online license for AutoCAD 2019 Standard Edition in just 5 minutes.

Ready to get started? Let’s do this.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a vector-based 2D drafting software application. It allows you to make professional 2D drawings (i.e. plans, maps, architectural layouts, and architectural plans). AutoCAD is a major player in the 3D drafting market.

Along with the computer-aided drafting and design capabilities, AutoCAD includes powerful capabilities for 2D drawing, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and animation.

You can find the latest version of AutoCAD on If you’re a pro, you’ll find a comprehensive list of AutoCAD 2019 licensing details on Autodesk licensing site.

If you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to AutoCAD, this one from may help you get started.

Popular types of drawings

2D AutoCAD drafting

AutoCAD is one of the most popular and powerful applications in the drafting software world. It’s one of the best-known programs for designing and drafting 2D drawings.

As with any professional CAD tool, your drawings will show the results of your work. The more professional they are, the better the chances of gaining clients. Here are the main types of drawings you can make with AutoCAD:

Architectural layouts

AutoCAD makes it easy to

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Add-on applications for AutoCAD 2010 also include 3D modeling, feature based analysis, and multi-user collaboration; and the AutoCAD-based software Fusion 360/DesignSpark, which supports building, engineering, and design professionals with 3D modeling, 2D drafting, and dimensional analysis.

Pricing and licensing
AutoCAD is available for purchase as a perpetual, upgrade, or yearly subscription. The upgrade option is available for AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT. As of AutoCAD 2009, a number of updates are bundled with the application, which are available individually for purchase. Starting with AutoCAD 2012, the various updates were included in the monthly subscription for AutoCAD only.

Some customers need to buy a perpetual license for companies that need to allow their users to work on multiple projects simultaneously. AutoCAD supports the Microsoft Windows share. The share method allows users to work on a project while disconnected from the server. In this case, AutoCAD periodically checks the share folder and, if the files are modified, it downloads them to the desktop. A similar, non-networked mechanism is available for AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD ships as a bootable ISO image which can be used to install the software on an AutoCAD workstation.

On August 10, 2019, Autodesk announced AutoCAD 2020 on the AutoCAD blog. It is scheduled for release on October 16, 2019.

Availability and distribution

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are available for Microsoft Windows, as well as for macOS and UNIX. Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (XP or Vista are recommended) are supported. Starting with AutoCAD 2017, the original workstation edition of AutoCAD is no longer available, except in the US.

Autodesk software is generally distributed and sold through dealers in the United States, Canada, and selected countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Distributors use a variety of marketing methods including direct sales by AutoCAD dealers, and marketing by partners and independent sales agents. Autodesk has also introduced a reseller program for qualified organizations in the United States.

AutoCAD LT is available to MSDN and a select number of businesses in both the US and Canada.

The subscription-based AutoC

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Open the Autocad.exe file by double-click it, and then use the product key to activate the Autocad.

NOTE: If you get a message that states that “this product key was only valid for a free trial version.” you can enter the correct license key in the next step.

Click on the Autocad icon.

Click on the License Info tab.

Step 2: Open.KEYGKN.txt and enter the license key given by Autocad into the dialog box.

NOTE: If you see the message “Enter license key” then you entered the license key correctly.

For licensing information, please see “Autodesk Licensing FAQ”

The License.dat file will be overwritten by the new file.

Close the dialog box and click on the Finish button.

If your license key was accepted, you should see a message that says that “Autocad Licensing has been Updated”.

IMPORTANT: Keep the licence file and extract the.KEYGKN.txt file on your computer.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Automatic export of live drawings to DWG and DXF.

Automatic import of multiple CAD files to DWG or DXF.

Assist in making corrections on exported drawings.

Drawings will no longer be automatically converted from one drawing file type to another when opening a drawing. You’ll be notified of any changes to the file type, allowing you to make the conversion yourself. (video: 3:35 min.)

Improved interactivity with your drawings. Let your drawings interact with your 3D models through the new Contour feature, which allows you to use imported models as guides. (video: 1:23 min.)

Quick Tips

Work with files in a variety of formats. (video: 1:54 min.)

Set up and customize a toolbar. (video: 0:43 min.)

Create a personal profile for your own save folder. (video: 1:03 min.)

Rename your drawings and model components. (video: 0:45 min.)

Create and edit custom dashboards. (video: 1:34 min.)

Access and find drawing information with the new DIAGNOSTICS command. (video: 1:45 min.)

Use editing commands in detail view. (video: 1:43 min.)

Access and create custom templates. (video: 1:02 min.)

Automatically add a count or reference number to a drawing that follows the drawing number format. (video: 0:55 min.)

If you’re looking to learn more about AutoCAD, you might also enjoy:

Creating a drawing

Automatic recognition of shapes

Fillet and Trim operations

Applying hidden lines

There are many ways to get started with AutoCAD. The easiest is to simply open the program and create a new drawing file. To get you started, here are a few tips:

Select the command and press the Enter key.

Select the command and press the Ctrl+Enter keys.

Select the command and press the Shift+Enter keys.

Select the command and press the Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys.

Start with creating a new drawing file

The first thing you’ll do is create a new drawing. To do so, open the Toolbar, select New,

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

How to play:
Drag and drop tracks on the playlist.
Pressing Control + Tab or Shift + Tab will show the next or previous track.
Will show the current song when you press Control.
Press Space to select a song.
Press Enter to play the selected track.
Press Escape to cancel.
You can also assign a hotkey in the Settings
Please report any bug to me.
Please download the latest version from the Downloads section.
Please leave a rating at PlayStore.


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