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Using the Make Help program you can make RTF Files to compile with the Windows Help Compiler. With the “Make Link” button you can insert “Pop-up Link” or a normal link to another help page. The “Make Topic” button inserts a new topic in the RTF file. It works with an extra form were you can enter the topic ID and all other required data to make the topic.







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There is also a form builder for this, which you can download here:


There are various different programs that can be used to compile help files. I currently use a program called “HelpMaker” by Bennu Software.


I use Microsoft’s Help Authoring Tool to generate the help files. You can use either the XML or HTML output option and you can then edit the file you create directly or in a text editor and then do a Build>Make Help Free Download, to generate the help file.
Your help file can also be used from the command line or embedded in Windows applications using the ‘HH\\:help.htm’ file in the Windows\Help directory.
If you want to use another framework then try ‘Microsoft Help SDK’. You can download the SDK from here or use their express editions at and you can install it using the ‘Install’ and ‘Uninstall’ buttons.

Yuraq Quta (Bolivia)

Yuraq Quta (Quechua yuraq white, quta lake, hispanicized spelling Yuraccoguta) is a lake in Bolivia located in the La Paz Department, Ingavi Province, Ocarito Municipality. It is situated southeast of Ocarito, near a mountain named Yuraq Quta.


Category:Lakes of La Paz Department (Bolivia)Evaluation of different extraction conditions for the determination of polychlorinated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in selected streams of the north-western part of the Czech Republic.
The evaluation of the selectivity and sensitivity of an extraction process for the determination of polychlorinated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in selected streams of the northern part of the Czech Republic was undertaken. The sample preparation was based on a previous method with minor adaptations. Six streams with different physico-chemical properties were investigated: two tailing and two sediment pore water samples, and two ground-water samples. The first extractions were carried out with the A

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Kendall Jenner Photocall at Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018

Kendall Jenner, in Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2018 lookbook, is wearing a black hooded jacket with a colorful pattern on the front, and a detail at the back, this look is simply amazing!

Kendall Jenner looks fresh and young in a mustard-colored capri-shorts, which she teamed up with a pair of bright red flats with the brand’s signature cross-hatch pattern across the front and back. The youthful model also took home a splash of Balenciaga’s autumn color palette, adding brown to her trim palette and styling her locks in a sleek braid knot.

Model Kendall Jenner wears a Mustard-colored capri-shorts, which she coupled with a mustard-colored blazer, on a photoshoot for the iconic fashion brand’s Fall/Winter 2018 womenswear collection. The model was styled with a burgundy blouse by Balenciaga.

She dressed up her look with a jewelry piece by Givenchy. The accessories brand made their return to the fashion scene, but this time the handbags in the collection are covered with print. All handbags from the collection are covered with prints across a small cross-hatch design.

In the collection Kendall Jenner was dressed in a mustard yellow capri-shorts and a burgundy blazer, with brown, cream and beige tones.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection, on the other hand, was covered with geometric prints, as well as with eccentric, retro-inspired shapes, such as triangles. For the 2018 collection, Kendall Jenner was joined by also other models, like Bella Hadid, Adwoa Aboah, Gigi Hadid, Esme Lynn, Hailey Baldwin, Lea T and Bella Hadid, to wear pieces from the new collections.Transcranial direct current stimulation changes eye-movement behaviour in healthy subjects.
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is increasingly used in clinical and

What’s New in the Make Help?


Of course you can.
Open the Topic Window (?) of the topic you want to change and save the window contents to HTML.
To do this, you have to open this window with the following Explorer path:

This is not accessible in Explorer (at least in Windows 7), so you have to manually open this menu item. You can either select this item with the mouse or choose “View” → “Open File Location” in the menu bar.
Once you open the window, simply hit “save as” and save the html as a new topic.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House announced Thursday that President Donald Trump will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on July 13, just as Trump is preparing to abandon a plan to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Trump announced the previously undisclosed meeting in a tweet from his New Jersey golf club. It was a surprise to a White House that had previously framed the forthcoming talks with Turkey as part of a broader campaign to isolate the Islamic State group in Syria and end an ongoing civil war that has also engulfed neighboring Iraq.

A White House official said Thursday that the timing of Trump’s announcement was aimed at preventing the president from appearing to be a “patsy for Erdogan.”

The official, who wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke only on condition of anonymity, said Trump simply was “being loyal” to Erdogan.

The official said the president had expressed his belief that the Turkish president “needed to be gotten to” and praised Erdogan’s efforts to stop a Turkish-backed Syrian force, which Turkey views as a terrorist threat, from moving toward the border.

Trump signaled the U.S. military withdrawal Thursday, tweeting that he wanted to “end the endless wars.”

Erdogan, for his part, appeared to welcome Trump’s move.

“We are looking forward to the meeting of the two presidents,” the Turkish president said in remarks carried by state-run news agency Anadolu, referring to Trump and himself. “The U.S. has only a small number of troops there and they are considering pulling out.”

Trump’s decision to abandon the U.S. forces in northeastern Syria had drawn swift and sharp criticism from Republicans and Democrats

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I’m trying to run an async function that check


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