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Pidgin GUIOps is a plugin for Pidgin that brings customization options fort the main application’s GUI.
Give it a try and see what it can do for you!







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Custom Fonts: Use custom fonts for different dialogs to add customizations and highlight the important information

Highlight: Add a special highlighting for the selected contact

Chat Layout: Modify the layout of the chat window and position of the menu icon, tabs, separators and the status bar

Minimized Status: Dim the status bar when it is in minimized state

Status Bar icon: Add an application icon to the status bar and display the selected contact’s picture

Status Bar Text: Add extra text to the status bar when there is no contact picture

Position of the menu icon: The menu icon position can be centered or on the left side of the chat window

Tabs positioning: Drag the tabs to your desired position

Keyboard View: Customize the keyboard view layout

Implemented Protocols: Import the protocol handler list and change the protocol handler corresponding to the chosen protocol

The version history of this program is here:

NOTE: To find previous versions, make sure to do a “best match” search on Pidgin GUIOps Crack Keygen also appears in the list of all software in the ‘GetDeb’ category.
Note also that Pidgin GUIOps Crack Free Download can’t simply be ditributed as a getdeb package as Pidgin GUIOps 2022 Crack can be installed under any distribution.


This package has two dependencies:

sipd is an apertly packaged version of the sipd binary ( that allows clients to connect to SIP endpoints using clients like Pidgin and Empathy. For the moment Pidgin GUIOps supports the following protocols:






Jingle Chat

Jabber Chat


Multi User Chat





SIP over DUN

SIP over DLS


SIP over mDNS






SIP over TLS

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Pidgin GUIOps brings customizable options to the main Pidgin application GUI.
– Act as an add-on and provides a menu option to access all options.
– Store settings in a custom location which are adjustable by a plugin.
– Configuration is stored in XML files and can easily be changed.
– Support for 32 and 64 bit systems.
– Help menus to quickly access to online manuals.
– Allows you to alter application defaults.
– Provide quick access to Preferences.
– Provides a Context menu to easily access all options.
– Access the options from the main menu.
– Fully customisable look.
– Supported languages are C, C++, Python and Vala.
– There are no dependencies on other packages.

Pidgin GUIOps Features

Context Menu Menu Option to access all options

Info Menu Help menu to quickly access to online manuals

Help Menu Tools menu to quickly access to online manuals

Name Formatting Converts name format of contacts from a long monotonous name.

Nickname Formatting Supports short nicknames with or without a full name.

Display Setting For fast access to basic contact display options.

Primary Account Setting A nice setting to quick access to the primary account setting.

Rename Accounts Allows to add several accounts at once.

Search Applications Allows to quickly set searches.

New Account Button Allows to quickly create new accounts.

Remove Account Button Allows to quickly remove accounts from the application.

Select Applications Allows to quickly select profiles.

Screen Name Formatting Allows users to quickly change their Pidgin screen name.

Status Messages Allows to quickly change status messages.

Status Message Position Allows to quickly change position of status messages.

Status Message Font Allows to quickly change status messages font.

Status Message Background Allows to quickly change status messages background color.

Main Menu Allows to quickly access to preferences.

Context Menu Allows to quickly access to preferences.

Setting Name Formatting Allows to quickly change settings name format.

Compose Message Allows to quickly send a message.

Import Messages Allows to quickly import contacts from the Contacts and Address Book apps.

Export Accounts Allows to quickly export contacts.

Import Accounts Allows to quickly import contacts from the Contacts and Address Book apps.

Export Accounts Allows to quickly export accounts to a CSV file.

Import Accounts Allows to

Pidgin GUIOps License Code & Keygen [2022]

Show a Notification with the selected status message on the top bar of the main application
This is a prime example for a real life use of this plugin. Many people gets annoyed with the default Windows notification system showing outdated information. “Pidgin GUIOps” allows you to display any information on your status bar.
Your friends often send you messages, they want to be up to date with your status. Notifications are a good solution for that.
You can also use the module to show simple text messages or information on

Toggle GUI to make Pidgin minimize by default on start up in the main application.
I have been using a GMail account and it never minimizes and I don’t want it to. I want it to run in the background and minimizes by it self. All weel I am making a batch script to use the Toggle GUI function on Pidgin and have it minimize right after I start up Pidgin. Here is what it looks like when I open Pidgin.

This is my first release of “Pidgin GUIOps” plugin – for Windows.
Its goal is to provide basic tools for customized notification about status and messages.
It is not a replacement of Windows taskbar notifications, but can be considered as extension.
This module contains basic logic for all plugins.
You can also read the description in the first post on the blog.

The default color scheme that is by default loaded by Pidgin is not always the most compatible for the colorblind. Many color schemes are (or were) in use that might be more relevant for colorblind people.
This plugin brings an options panel that lets you switch to one of the old color schemes.
It uses the builtin settings framework, so no additional packages need to be installed.
Have fun with the options and let me know if you find it useful.

This project is a dummy module with some functions to test the functionality of guioops.

Some simple notification functions have been implemented. You can use the functions “ShowMessage(s)Dialog()” and “ShowMessage(s)Dialog(s)” to show messages as the Pidgin message dialog. In this case you will find the messages inside the Pidgin message popup-dialog.

The function “ShowMessage(s)Configure(s)” allows you to configure some PIDGIN options in a nice dialog-style.
This is a good use

What’s New In Pidgin GUIOps?

Pidgin GUIOps – Gui Options plugin for Pidgin
by Richard Kain
Copyright 2008 Richard Kain
History of Changes:
v1.7 – 2006-11-08 – Scott Watson
– Fix libGnomeGUIOps removal bug
v1.6 – 2006-11-07 – Scott Watson
– Remove libGnomeGUIOps and rename Gui Options in Pidgin
v1.5 – 2006-10-27 – Scott Watson
– Make sure to add menu entries when Gui Options are started
– Provide a menu item to delete the preferences file
v1.4 – 2006-10-12 – Scott Watson
– Added a “Game” server to the list of blocked irc servers
v1.3 – 2006-10-11 – Scott Watson
– Show Pidgin’s icon in the menu bar
– Add ‘/’ to the list of nick notification filters
– Have the blocking irc server list include hidden irc servers
– Limit the nick notification filter list to 10
– Put Gui Options in a separate process
– Make it easier to setup the preferences file
v1.2 – 2006-10-10 – Scott Watson
– Display the Pidgin menu bar icon (version 1.2)
v1.1 – 2006-10-09 – Scott Watson
– Change the preferences file name to “pidgin-guiops.xml” (version 1.1)
v1.0 – 2006-10-09 – Scott Watson
– Initial release (version 1.0)
All contents of this project are licensed under the terms of the GNU
General Public License, version 2.0. This document is available at

Software Sites:
Project Leader: rkain
Project Homepage:
Bug Reports:
The preferred method for reporting bugs is to post a message to the
Pidgin User List:
or, if the problem persists, then

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570T CPU @ 2.30GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video: Nvidia(R) GTX 560 / AMD equivalent
Graphics: Nvidia(R) GTX 960/ AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)


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