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Precision Delphi Script (pdScript) is based on the “RemObjects Pascal Script engine” and allows you to use the standard types, routines and components of the Delphi development environment. Precision Delphi Script was designed to enable you to execute your scripts (PAS, DPR, DPAS, ROPS, INC., and similar files) directly from Windows environment or from the command-line (by specifying the script file as a parameter for “pdScript.exe” application). Precision Delphi Script can also be used as an independent (external) extension for your own products. Then, if necessary, you can extend the functionality of your products without changing their distribution package. Please, do not confuse Precision Delphi Script with other “embeddable” interpreters, that are compiled and linked into the host application (such as for example RemObjects Pascal Script engine is). The primary goal of Precision Delphi Script is to work independently and to provide users and developers with a comfortable and easy to use environment to solve the current and/or recurring tasks for which it is not necessary to create and compile (or is too complicated to distribute) an executable application.


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—————————- – The application has a powerful text editor with a familiar interface – one that is similar to Microsoft Notepad++. – You can easily debug scripts with built-in support for debugger, stack, watch, and “break”. – Predefined actions for the editor are provided. They can be called from the script file, using the “Call Action” command, or they can be used to add additional functionality to the commands (in the same way as the “Call Library Function” command). All actions are of the “TriggerCategory” type, with possible parameters specified in the script file. – Common tasks can be completed with the Dialog command, which results in a dialog box being displayed. The dialog box can be displayed multiple times and it has a specific appearance. It can also contain a list box or a text area to be edited, or any other control. The result of the dialog command can be saved as a record and then reused by other scripts or imported into the main application. – Common tasks can be completed with the Filer command, which results in an item, e.g. a file, being automatically added, removed or modified. – The Regexp library contains the definitions for regular expressions. Regular expressions are used by the commands as well as the Dialog command to find strings in the script file. This library also contains predefined regular expressions for searching through clipboard, restoring recent files, restoring previous form values, check for drive/folder/file existence, etc. – Built-in constants, defined as “Global Variable”, are used to perform operations more directly. – There are very powerful filters that can be created using the editor. They can be used to identify the data type or language in a script. When all the filters are enabled, a button is added to the editor that shows all the scripts with the identified type. This button is used to select a single script to run – the scripts can be run sequentially, or the procedure can be stopped once a script is started. Precision Delphi Script 2022 Crack Features: ——————————— – More than 20 built-in commands – Sample scripts – Wizard-based installation of the scripts – String processing (convert, remove, replace, split, split/join, wrap, etc.) – Object detection – File management – Dictionary for names, items, etc. – Separate classes for private, public and global variables and data types. – Python Library

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Precision Delphi Script allows you to define your scripts (only in Pascal dialect) in Delphi language (in classes or records) and/or build your scripts as an external program (“.dpr”, “.pas” or “.dproj”) that works independently of Delphi environment. Precision Delphi Script is a standalone and port-ready version of ROPS (Script with Object-Oriented Programming Syntax) object-oriented extension of the RemObjects Pascal Script engine. The primary advantages of using the ROPS/Precision Delphi Script engine: Support for PAS and ROPS. The ability to define your own classes and data types. Support for object-oriented programming. Support for code and GUI automation. The ability to use the Pascal as programming language. Support for external programs, third-party code and data. High compatibility with the Delphi Pascal environment. All the supported features and abilities are described in the documentation. *Important* Precision Delphi Script is based on the RemObjects Pascal Script engine and uses similar (but not the same) classes, events, procedures, methods, interfaces, etc. of the Delphi language. To work properly, your scripts (delphi scripts) must be developed or compiled on one of the supported platforms and must be compatible with the target environment. Features: **Support Pascal and Object Pascal for the Windows and Linux platforms. **Scripts can be written using Pascal language with Delphi automation/object orientation. **All supported features and abilities are described in the documentation (standard Pascal classes, Object Pascal classes, object-oriented programming, packages, procedures, methods, events, properties and methods, etc.). **Support for external programs, code and third-party data. **Support for ROPS, Inc., Object Pascal Script and Dynamic Object Pascal. **Support for external data types and external data files. **Support for using various kinds of intermediate files (repro.pas, prn.pas,.dpr,.pas,.dproj). **Support for accessing and using the Standard Pascal Types, Class, Object, Methods, etc. **Support for generating Delphi.exe Application,.NET Components,.NET Framework 4.*, Mono, Python, Java, XML, HTML and other applications. **Support for the Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation. **Support for the Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 02dac1b922

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Precision Delphi Script is: Advanced IDE for scripts Language-aware Platform-independent Seamless integration with the IDE Compatible with Win32/Win64 versions of Delphi Integrated Developer tools Embeddable interpreter (for use in your application) Script resource manager to create and maintain PAS scripts (…) Please, notice that this product is still under development and in order to support it you will need to get the latest release of  “pdScript.exe” (version But even if it is not yet available, you can already start using it and we encourage you to provide your feedback and bug reports to us to help us to develop the best version of the product. You can download a free 30-day trial version of Precision Delphi Script from this URL: Please, use the version which is compatible with the version of Delphi that you are using. We highly recommend that you, before installing, try to use the trial version of Precision Delphi Script. NOTE: the product is open source and you are free to fork the repository and to share it with your friends and colleagues. We encourage you to try to improve the product, to make it better, faster and with more features. But, just remember, you can also use the same one, which already exist as a community project. If you have any question or need any further information, please, feel free to contact our support team by using the dedicated  “Contact us” page. Thank you. The Precision Delphi Script Team ************************************************************ 28.06.2014 New feature: “Built-in development environment (IDEA)” The new “Built-in development environment (IDEA)” offers an efficient solution in order to execute your scripts from your “source code editor”. This feature is not designed to replace the script engine previously mentioned, but rather to provide you an important complement to it. You will notice that this feature is not available to all Delphi version (please see Release Notes), but only to the latest release. You can enable the “Built-in development environment (IDEA)” feature in the script engine configuration (File/Settings/Options/Script Engine/Built-in

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Precision Delphi Script is an extension for Delphi. Precision Delphi Script offers a simplified way of building applications from simple scripts. You can create scripts for various purposes such as start up application, registration, event-handling, Windows hot-keys, automation etc. If you’re familiar with the proprietary RemObjects Pascal Script engine then you should feel right at home with Precision Delphi Script. Where the original scripts were used to automate a specific application, here, scripts are used to automate repetitive tasks. Some of the features of Precision Delphi Script will be listed in this brief description: Create and execute a script file (.pas,.inc,.spr or.drw), specify a registry key, a special folder, a hot-key etc. Execute scripts both from your desktop, from an application menu and from Windows command-line Execute scripts from several application types: Delphi, Win32/Win64, MAP, VCL, Sysutils, LINQ, SCXML The original scripts of the RemObjects Pascal Script engine are used as reference (for the functionality) The original scripts of the RemObjects Pascal Script engine are kept as strict as possible in this extension to ensure that you can use your scripts without restrictions in every version of Delphi (from Delphi 1.1 to current versions) Unregistered scripts also work in registered applications (it is not necessary to remove the Registry key for them to work) You can add and execute scripts dynamically: you can specify the path to a file, directory, hard-drive, special folder etc. you want to execute dynamically (e.g. from a Registry key) Precision Delphi Script allows you to define your own methods, user-defined types, routines, procedures, components and modules, to use them you can use your own ideas and to do so, you have to extend it by using the same methods, types, routines, procedures, components and modules. Precision Delphi Script engine is implemented in C++ (the implementation of the original Pascal Script engine was rewritten in C++) Download Now:

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Please note: Every CRIB Engine version might not run on your PC. Our goal is to make every game work with our tools. We’ve had some ‘issues’ with old CPU’s but since we have already gone through this we would rather not make the game not run. As a suggestion we would always say: If your game does not work on our version then something else is wrong. We can’t get into the details of every game but we can guarantee that CRIB Engine will work with most of the games. Instructions: Compiling:


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