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Download ->>> https://urluso.com/2soXCU

Download ->>> https://urluso.com/2soXCU






HWiNFO For DOS Crack Free [April-2022]

Cracked HWiNFO for DOS With Keygen 1.35
HWiNFO for DOS is a useful tool specifically designed for the DOS environment, made by the same developer of HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64.
With HWiNFO for DOS you can easily view and analyze system information of the first level cache (L1 cache), the second level cache (L2 cache), some other hardware components, the PCI bus width, the BIOS, the CMOS battery status and many other useful features.
HWiNFO for DOS supports installation on both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.



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I want to warn you about a possible virus being downloaded and possibly installed in your computer. I believe you downloaded it from the website:

The reason I believe this is because there was also another software, I called it HWiNFO for DOS, that was downloaded from the same website, and I believe the only difference between both packages is that one has a.exe and the other one has a.zip. Please be careful when downloading these kinds of applications.

In the name of our team I also want to inform you that I am downloading a product for you. It was hard to find a product on the internet that would enable me to help you with the problem you are having with your Internet provider.

Anyway, please be patient while I finish copying the program to your computer. Please rate this product accordingly, since it has cost us over 300$ US to develop.

I also want to inform you that the same thing happened to us (the numbers, names, prices etc). At first glance it was like a fake site, to look like the real thing and catch people in the victim’s direction, and then infect them with a virus. Although we have NO IDEA WHY AND HOW this happened, we are going through the final stages of the investigation and it will hopefully be resolved as soon as possible.

Hi Josep. I think this blog software is a website. so it may be running in your computer, but you still don’t understand the program. This software could download malware from the internet, just run the virus scan or even when you save it to your computer.

To prevent this, please check with


HWiNFO for DOS Crack Keygen is a system information viewer for the DOS environment. It collects system information about hardware and software. You can test the data using different tests.
Mainboard information:
Mainboard model and chipset, memory size, speed and bus, cache memory sizes, first and second level cache, and status, timer and current interrupt. Memory technology, mainboard voltage, temperature, and real time clock.
Monitor controllers, as well as other information:
Number of Video output ports, basic functions, and what the CPU does when it gets idle.
Audio and sound devices, serial devices, parallel ports, mouse/keyboard controller, and what it can do when you press CTRL + F2.
System board and peripheral parameters, IRQ number, DMA channel, hard drives and partitions, how the hard disk is partitioned, properties such as format, capacity, and system type. Filesystems, logical drives, and the file system used by the first hard disk.
ROM information, SCSI controllers, and what it can do when you press CTRL + F4.
Memory access (RAMDAT) and what it can do.
Video information, video RAMDAT manufacturer, BIOS version, video options, and what it can do when you press CTRL + F3.
Printers and other communications devices:
Printer and parallel port, what it can do when you press F6, and the number of pages it can print.
PnP BIOS calls, what it can do when you press F5.
3Com EtherLink III information, who makes it, how it connects to the motherboard, and what it can do when you press F4.
Tulip NCC16 information, as well as what it can do when you press F3.
Keyboard information:
It lists the standard and extended keyboard, what it can do when you press F6, and hot keys for the mouse.
Video RAMDAT information, what it can do when you press F4.
Video card information:
Video bus, card type, card name, PCI version, amount of dedicated video memory, what it can do when you press F3.
Pixels per scan line, and what it can do when you press F2.
There are three views available in HWiNFO for DOS Crack Free Download. The first one displays the system’s basic information and processor settings. The second presents motherboard information, including the mainboard model,

HWiNFO For DOS Registration Code

Version 2.1.2 The small HWiNFO
To be released on June 17, 2006!

Features include: – Move information and tools to one window, so you
can see all at once. – You can quickly switch between OS version,
system information and extended memory.

HWiNFO for DOS Download:

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What’s New in the?

Hardware Information and Network Interface Viewer for DOS.
A tool intended for users who need to know some useful information on their computers and other devices connected to them.
– HWID database: contains an extensive description of every mainboard, card, network interface and every component connected to the system.
– Test profiles: allow for setting up diagnostic modes for CPU, chipset, peripheral components, expansion cards and other system elements.
– Configuration: support TSC-based frequency modes, VESA, IRQ and DMA settings.
– OCR: OCR channel settings; IRQ and DMA conflict detection.
– SMP: boot mode in SMP/MP systems, external cache size, memory controller and device states (compatible, incompatible, etc).
– Battery status: battery charge status, battery capacity, charging and discharging current, charging and discharging status, LEDs, battery model, and history.
– Basic DRAM sizing: RAMDAT, RAM size, DRAM cache size and DRAM number.
– Extended DRAM sizing: DRAM remapping table, DRAM security, memory controller and addressing errors.
– ATAPI: support for each type of ATAPI device, IDE controllers, ATAPI support, SCSI host controllers and total ATAPI devices.
– Disk controller: IDE/SCSI host controllers, disk status, disk controllers, SCSI commands and arbitration, SCSI layer support.
– Standard features: CPU features, multi-core CPU support, PnP BIOS calls support, PCI BIOS calls support, BIOS flash memory support, PCI hotplug support, support for each type of PCI devices, BIOS messages support and system timer config.
– Computer name: computer name, domain name, VESA support, network configuration and IP address.
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8
Windows 8 Processor: Core i3 or equivalent
Core i3 or equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM
4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 11 with 4 GB RAM.
DirectX 11 with 4 GB RAM. Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
15 GB available space Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent DirectX: Version 11
OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 Processor: Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Core 2 Duo or equivalent Memory



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