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Why is my load balanced application pool not working?

I have two servers running IIS 7.5.
They are both Windows 2008 R2 servers on which only ASP.NET was installed (with IIS managed)
All of a sudden, an application pool can no longer be accessed via the web, but I can connect to it via windows authentication.
When trying to connect via the IIS manager (www.localhost), I get a 401 “unauthorized” error.
I can login to the servers via their login, however.
What can I do to solve this?
This is what I’m seeing from tracing request for the 401:

System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: The
‘KeyNotFoundException was unhandled by user code Message=
Key not found in secret store Source=Microsoft.Practices.IdentityModel.Extensions
at Microsoft.Practices.IdentityModel.Configuration.Secrets.SecretManager.LookupKey(String
key, String secret) at
salt) at
key, String salt) at
key, String salt) at
key) at
algorithm, String key, String value, String salt) at

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Why does TSystemMessage.nError return true in Delphi 7?

i need to receive system messages in my app and put them in a table.
The program is compiled in Borland Delphi 7.
The codes are:
procedure TForm1.BindEdit1Click(Sender: TObject);
SM: TSystemMessage;
SM := TSystemMessage.Create(TMessageContainer.Create);
SM.Tid := TIdMessageQueue.MessageIdQueue.Next;
SM.nError := True;
Edit1.Text := SM.Message.Text;
Edit2.Text := TIdMessageQueue.EncodeText(SM.Message);
Edit3.Text := SM.Description.Text;

The text sent by the application are shown in the edit1 and edit3.
By debugging i saw that the error messages are set to true, while they are really false.
Any solution?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the answers.
This is what i wanted to, in other words, i have a thread on a background who watches for error messages on a specific event and the messages are shown on the main form.
what i thought was that the message wasnt sent, but i was wrong. i´m setting the TSystemMessage::nError to true since when i set it to false the program just crashed.


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