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omegle originated as a way to fill your time on the web with nonsensical conversation. turns out that these conversations worked better than you might think. no longer the puzzling and random conversations you remember. now finds your matches based on your interests and presents you with people who share those interests. the app also allows you to do this in person, if you’re lucky enough to be in the same area as the person you want to talk to. the person you talk to will also be able to talk to you, and vice versa. it’s almost like being in a chat room where you can talk to strangers!

meetme is another app that has morphed into more than just a one night stand with a stranger. with an emphasis on video chat, meetme has become a go-to app when you need to talk with a new friend. or, you can meet someone and exchange more information, like your name and a little about your life. and if you decide to meet up, your buddy also has the option of texting a few questions to your new friend before the date. it’s one of the few apps that you are completely able to control where and when the date will take place. it also gives you the option of turning voice calls on or off, so you can be as open or private as you need.

one of the best features of plentyoffish is its big community. having a great connection pool of people to swoon to can be a huge benefit to your search. plus, sharing user profiles with other members can help you get the answers to important questions like whether or not that deal breaker is a deal breaker. and if you want to hear what the thousands of people who found their potential soul mate think, the community is a great place to go if you need advice. another great feature of plentyoffish is the option to take your profile off the app, making you harder to find. this is a good option for people who want to be the one to come across their perfect match, because you want them to be less impressed with you if they can’t find you. plentyoffish also has a mobile app, so you can meet up with potential matches anytime.


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