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cmb is the online matchmaking app that brings together those interested in casual sex. according to the app’s online questionnaire, it has users who looking for the next in a series of casual encounters, or looking to make connections with people they may be interested in dating. it’s possible to setup secret secret profiles in cmb that can be used for anonymous hookups.

download: android, ios
cost: free
grindr is a hookup app primarily used by a younger demographic thats open to lbtq+ communities. grindr is ideal for queer, trans, bisexual, and transgender people, as well as straight people. signing up takes only a few seconds, you have complete anonymity, and the app is completely free.

why the world is immersed in hookup culture at this point in time. and in general, she says, people are very guilty about hookup culture.and today, people are also a lot more open than in decades past when it came to hookups, says emba. “i think it has a lot to do with the fact that more people are having hookup sex, but also that people are aware of it now,” emba says. “and they feel a little less shame about it.”

in fact, emba thinks people seem to be more interested in hookups than marriages and partnerships, when they come right down to it. “i think the popularity of hookup apps and other dating apps online have put dating on people’s radar,” she says. “i think people are aware of those apps. and i think they think, ‘hey, if we’re going to do that and do it safely, why not just have someone you don’t know and don’t know anybody have sex with?’ ”


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