Batman Arkham Knight Cpy Crack !!TOP!! Gameplay Unlimited ⏩


    Batman Arkham Knight Cpy Crack !!TOP!! Gameplay Unlimited ⏩


    Batman Arkham Knight Cpy Crack Gameplay Unlimited

    as the joker’s death brought an end to the “joker’s war,” as he had named his fight with batman, joker’s goons remained in arkham, while the joker’s remains were sent off to a government facility in the nevada desert.

    as the warden was about to release joker from the transport van, the joker laughed and gave a menacing smile towards him, telling him that the warden was nothing more than an embarrassment and a failure, before the joker was released to his cell, the last of the arkham inmates. upon arrival at his cell, joker thanked batman and thanked him for sending him back into his cell. he then proceeded to laugh maniacally, stating that he now had all the freedom he could ever want, and that the joker’s smile was back and that the joker had his attention.

    back in the batcave, batman was horrified to see harley in the midst of joker’s room, but could not do anything as she was locked away within a different room, as joker began to play the joker’s card game with the warden. joker gleefully forced the warden to play a game he had been planning and prepared for since his escape from blackgate penitentiary, as he began to have the warden choose a card from joker’s deck. the joker declared that the warden would not like the card he chose, as the joker had a plan to only use the joker’s cards that he had placed into the batcave. joker then placed a joker’s card into the warden’s deck, which joker had placed into a joker’s card in the batcave. joker explained to the warden that if he played a joker’s card, then it would win the game and the warden would be able to leave arkham and go free. joker had the warden play joker’s card and was shocked to discover that the joker’s card actually did win the game. the warden was then surprised by the joker’s card, as he was about to leave as he had won the game, but joker shocked the warden, as he had decided to put the joker’s card into the warden’s deck. the joker then got the warden to play joker’s card again, thinking the warden had been tricked by the joker and was going to cheat, but the joker realized that the warden was not the type of man to cheat, but instead loved joker for who he was and the joker was unable to trick the warden. the joker was truly amazed by the warden and never saw the warden’s reaction to the joker’s card. joker then allowed the warden to leave, in exchange for joker’s life, as he was frightened of going back to blackgate penitentiary and being in the constant presence of batman.

    batman made his way back to where the batmobile was being held and, instead of a normal exchange of gunfire, the vehicle proceeded to simply float into the air. the dark knight then took out his handgun and shot the clown through the roof, destroying the vehicle in the process and killing the man he had knocked into the water below. batman then made his way into the batcave, with a brief stop in the batpiss bathroom, where alfred pennyworth reminded the dark knight of his proper sewer expertise. once batman found the batmobile, he proceeded to destroy it and then the surrounding wall to free it from the rubble. with the batmobile freed, batman entered the vehicle and drove it away from the island and back into gotham proper, before returning to the batcave. realizing that he now was the only one on the island joker had not killed, batman decided to even the odds and went after the joker, using a batmobile drive by in the final act.
    batman and joker began to duel and exchanged blows, with batman firing his batarang, striking the clown, knocking him back while at the same time sliding underneath him. the arkham knight then proceeded to shoot his own batarang, breaking joker’s leg as the clown prince of crime howled in pain. unable to put up much of a defense, he tried to trick batman into shooting his gloved hand, but instead shot one of his own batarangs, which struck batman in the back. seeing the dark knight was on to his ruse, joker went into a mad rage and ran towards batman as he shot his batarang, the two then exchanged blows until the bullet struck the joker in the eye. after he defeated his opponent, batman learned joker’s plans involved using venom to tear gotham apart by first blowing up the power plant. batman, who had retrieved a crowbar from the wreckage of the batmobile, smashed in joker’s eye, killing him and sending him into the abyss. as the dark knight jumped out into the waters below, he heard the joker’s laughter as he began to laugh himself.


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