Hard Truck Apocalypse Ex Machina Game Download [HOT] 🠊


    Hard Truck Apocalypse Ex Machina Game Download [HOT] 🠊

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    Hard Truck Apocalypse Ex Machina Game Download

    truck games tend to have a gear system where you have a basic truck, and then a more powerful truck, and so on. the downside is that a truck that is too powerful for you to handle will not be that helpful.

    the lack of polish and bugs aside, hard truck: apocalypse is a fresh and fun game. the game runs well on low-end machines and looks good. there is a large number of vehicles to choose from, there are some load-ins (i.e. five different vehicles that you can switch between mid-game) and each of the trucks is quite fun to drive. sadly though, there’s just not much to do. hard truck: apocalypse is not a particularly compelling game, but i think that this title has the potential to be a fantastic rpg with a bit more gameplay.

    if you’re looking for a game that’s a bit more than a truck driver sim – one that can help you craft an rpg adventure – hard truck: apocalypse is probably the closest game you’ll get to that. unfortunately, it’s also the farthest away from that you’ll get. the only problem is that it’s so far away, that it’s probably not worth getting to.

    hugh’s thoughts:
    the story on the box of hard truck apocalypse ex machina is as follows: “with the world’s infrastructure in shambles, the people of the united states, and the entire world, is under the thumb of a totalitarian regime known only as “the authority”. in the year 2234, in the midst of a massive war between authority and the forces of freedom, the authority’s reign of terror is being threatened by an army of super-powered mutant monsters. the authority, suddenly desperate to protect their power, has left behind a desolate, wasteland-like wasteland known as “hard truck: apocalypse” in an effort to stop the mutant army.

    hard truck apocalypse is a game where you drive a truck. the truck is hard and heavy and has the capability to deliver goods, but it’s slow, and at the end of each road it gets shot up by the bandits. and this is the part where the game becomes quite hard. as you’re driving through the world and carrying a heavy load of goods, you’ll inevitably come across bandits who are stealing your truck and trying to shoot you. the bandits are actually quite good at this and will often shoot you while you’re moving, and more often than not their bullets will miss you entirely. this is usually fine, but if you lose your cargo or get caught, you’re screwed, as you’ll be stuck in one town for the rest of your game.
    the story is about a bandit that steals your truck and tries to shoot you, and this is where the game really gets into the issue. to avoid the bandits, you have to enter a desperate race through the world to deliver the goods, and as there are no checkpoints it’s literally your life or death. there are a couple of secondary objectives and perks to help you along, but they’re not enough to completely compensate for the fact that you can die at any time, and the game will simply restart you in the middle of the race. there are no in-game checkpoints, so you can’t save your game if you die and reload. there are light rpg elements to make your character a bit stronger, but the whole thing is simply tedious and doesn’t have much of a purpose.
    hard truck apocalypse will likely only be a good game for a small audience. it’s a game about a very difficult and occasionally frustrating trucker sim, and it isn’t really that original or compelling to boot. there is a lot of repetition involved, and there’s not much in the way of replay value. the game does have some interesting concepts, and there are small variations in the gameplay that are fun, but the end result is simply that you play as a truck driver in a postapocalyptic wasteland. when you consider that the game costs $30, the download is only a few megabytes, and that all of the multiplayer is based online, hard truck apocalypse is a pretty good deal.



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