Adjustment Program Epson Sx420w 38


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Adjustment Program Epson Sx420w 38

the only other thing i could think of was to try and install the latest firmware version using the drivers collection as before. that didn’t work. so i decided to try it the old fashion way and just manually download the firmware and install it. at this point the printer is now on the network and i can download the firmware from the drivers collection and manually download it. with my daughter’s computer at my elbow, i manually downloaded the latest version of the firmware from the drivers collection and then tried manually installing that on the printer. it failed to install and i couldn’t get any error messages, it just said no suitable media. after i rebooted the printer, i then had a small message in the printer’s display window warning me of invalid ink (the 4th warning since the printer’s reset). it seemed that it was working. i then bought a 3rd party pen for $22.99 from staples. i tried the printer with a couple of other generic inks they had on their desk which worked great.

i am now able to do the rom update and also third party ink. i know i did have success before when i manually installed the firmware, but if i did, it was before i had the 3rd party ink installed and not at the very beginning.

okay thanks a lot, and i did as you suggested and got the epson h195 firmware rollback. i actually bought the computer supplies, and it was definitely worth the effort. had i not done all the work, i would have been stuck with the originals in my drawer (meh) and would have had to buy an extra ink cartridge in order to work. since i did the rollback, i now have all the original cartridges, 2 of the three that worked, and i can use all of them when i want to. no blues, greens, or purples! i had to make sure that the rollback was installed only because when i checked the rollback date on the printer’s screen, it said it was when it was in fact rolled back (two months earlier) and a new rollback was available..just because i installed the rollback doesn’t mean that it is in fact working.i have to test it. and, i’m glad that i got the rollback because if i don’t, i’ll have to move on to newer, non-compatible third party carts and the printer won’t work anymore. thanks again.

i tried your instructions as well as the realtek firmware listed on the link you provided, but neither seems to have worked. the printer still won’t recognize that a cartridge was installed. i even downloaded the new printer driver and tried it.
i just upgraded firmware version on my sx410 on xp by downloading firmware from the link below. now all my cartridges are working (i have only one cartridge for the whole printer) but my printer is keeping restart every couple of minutes. anyway this is what i did: 1. turn off printer. unplug the printer from the computer and wait 2 minutes (the printer has an automatic shut-down feature i do not know how to turn off. i turn the printer off manually with the power button). 2. hold down the power button on the back of the printer and let it sit for 15 minutes. 3. turn the printer back on (still on the power button). wait for the printer to boot-up, if it does not boot-up immediately restart it by pressing the power button for 10 to 15 seconds. then let it boot-up again and wait for it to finish the boot-up. 4. turn off the printer again and then restart the computer. 5. reinstall the updated firmware using the archived version from the website. it will ask you where you want to install the updated firmware. i selected “c:\program files (x86)\epson” (with “x86” being the 32-bit operating system and there are two folders under that where you can choose to install the firmware file in this particular printer). press “next” and then “finish”.
sorry took so long, but finally got it to work. i loaded the program on to my computer and the printer would accept it, but it kept getting stuck at the program launch screen. i did not know how to run a program on my computer. then i plugged in my printer and after about an hour it said its ready. i took it back to the store and they said it was their fault. i paid for a new one and waited. well i went back and they had a new one in the back so i took it. well it did not work right or maybe i did not install the program right. then they said i needed the driver. i downloaded the driver from the internet and they said it did not work. then i figured it out. they said i needed to run a program to install it. i did that and it worked right.


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