Opel Navi CD70 East Europe 2013-2014 📦


Opel Navi CD70 East Europe 2013-2014 📦

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Opel Navi CD70 East Europe 2013-2014

The Opel 3 c minibus is comparable to Opel’s “P1” vehicles ( MEI Focus Group design concept). The key to the minibus’s affordability is that it uses a 7-seat 3-row minivan platform, an established automotive industry standard. As a result, the minibus could be built at a relatively low cost, about half of that of the French Opel Corsa, and about the same cost as the German Volkswagen Transporter. The total investment in building the minibus in Morocco is expected to be about €70 million (about $85.8 million), but will have a relatively low manufacturing cost.

Opel’s rental car company, Opel Financial Services, will supply the minibus in Europe, a strategy that is eerily reminiscent of the MEI Focus Group minivan designs. Opel Financial Services will likely target the French car market, operating it through dealerships under the Opel “Citroen” brand. French car dealerships usually occupy large tracts of the city centers, and could be a lucrative target for the minibus. Additionally, French dealerships could use the minibus as the base for a higher end “Citroen” brand variant featuring automatic transmission and more upscale interior finish. Opel Financial Services has sold over 5 million passenger vehicles to date. In Europe, Opel Financial Services ranks 17th with a market share of 3.9%.

Arabica Steel, a joint venture by the Far East International Group (FEIG), a large Chinese conglomerate, and the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE), announced its plan to invest RMB 11.1 billion in Morocco’s northern Coorgi border town in January 2020, although it did not specifically mention electric vehicles. The project is based on the Moroccan government’s expansion of the Banque Centrale du Maroc (BCM) Rabat, located in the northern city of Taza, to include a new finance center to handle the CEPA; improve its infrastructure; and renovate its facilities to accommodate the Rabat branch.

I noticed that the car has only two wipers. At least the driver gets one more than the passenger. It is funny how on the other days where it is raining, the vista is good and I see the road with or without a windshield. On days where it is sunny, the car would be in the shade and I am not supposed to look out of the windshield.
In January 2019, German automotive equipment supplier Stellantis introduced a new navigation system in its Volkswagen Touareg model. It also introduced an upgrade in its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van and Toyota Land Cruiser, which evolved into a general electric vehicle (EV) navigation system. The system became known as the Opel Navi CD70. That same month, Stellantis acquired German auto-supply manufacturer FORDtronic from its Ford subsidiary, introducing new navigation systems for Ford Focus and Jaguar I-PACE vehicles. By 2019, the Opel Navi CD70 was in use in 120 countries, and Stellantis had expanded its offerings to include over-the-air updates and a simple yet powerful user interface. All versions of the Navi CD70, initially offered in 25 languages, can be personalized with the user’s preferred language and country.
At the Geneva Auto Show, Opel made the bold announcement that the Navi CD70 will be produced in Morocco beginning in 2021 and have the tech ready in 2020. There are already 1,360 Navi CD70’s for sale in Europe.
The new touch-screen-based navi system is quite easy to use, and boasts Google Earth 3D maps, satellite navigation, 3D printing of multimodal maps, and real-time traffic information. Up to 15 destinations can be stored in the Navi CD70 or updated via the cloud or mobile app, which has web support. But the Navi CD70 offers more than that: for example, it can ask where you want to go, and it offers a spoken translation of your destination into the driver’s language. The system also has a voice command system that recognizes the driver’s language. The center stack of the Navi CD70 can be tilted, and the Navi CD70 can also be equipped with a twin-camera rearview mirror.



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