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Psicosoft 2007

lastly, psicosoft have the necessary tools and experience to deliver quality content that resonates with their clients. their team knows the market and understands their audience, which makes them a clear choice for organizations such as ours.

i was very impressed with the professionalism of psicosoft. they are excellent trainers, facilitators, and consultants. their project management and mediation programs are unique and their team members are very knowledgeable. i would definitely recommend them to my colleagues.

we are very satisfied with psicosoft. we have a project with them that is a total of 6 days. we did the first 2 days of training and the last 4 days of the project. from the first day to the last day we only had one problem, it was solved very quickly. they are well organized, flexible and we had no problems with the content of the training. we highly recommend them.

i have never had to communicate with the facilitators or the staff in psicosoft. they are very effective. they know how to deal with the clients, as well as with the spanish courts, and they know how to address the american courts. they also are very well versed in the judicial system in the country in which the case is being adjudicated.

we liked the way psicosoft worked, the way they broke things down. the facilitators were very good. they explained things to us very clearly. we liked that they were very patient, that they were very good in their explanations, and that we had lots of time to ask questions.

cva and psicosoft are enthusiastic supporters of the madrid football association and the madrid football federation (rfef) in their endeavours to organise the madrid 2007 european capital of football. we have also agreed to support the euro 2008 and euro 2012 tournaments in our country, as long as this will generate great benefit for the football federation of the community of madrid.

they have been very helpful, and theyve been an invaluable resource to us and our clients. because weve been using psicosoft for a few years now, weve seen and heard how their support and coaching has grown to be a premier content provider. theyre a great team to work with.
additionally, psicosoft has been very creative and innovative. theyve helped us make our content more relevant to our clients. for example, theyve trained our clients in leadership and responsibility in the context of sports. its been really a win/win situation for all of us.
psicosoft esport academy is one of the leading esports academies in spain. founded in 2018, it represents the entrance of the psicosoft hr consultancy in the world of professional video games. the academy offers training programs for both gamers and corporate professionals. the academy’s programs offer learning based on five values (flexibility, trust, responsibility, transparency and respect), and six behaviors (global vision, open and flexible mentality, permanent feedback, confidence, drive and motivation towards challenges and continuous learning).
psicosoft has a relatively large team with a diversity of skills, and theyve been around for so long that they know the marketplaces they serve. theyre very collaborative across their teams, and everyone is always willing to help if a situation arises.
furthermore, psicosoft has great knowledge of european countries and their legal compliance and regulatory norms. they have deep connections within those countries, including professional facilitators who understand the marketplace. additionally, theyve done business with some of our clients, so they understand their internal politics and how they operate. overall, they have a true understanding of the local needs and expectations, adapting the content to make it more meaningful and effective.


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