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The Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 English Edition Free Download 539

the main active ingredients of a.annua are not defined in chinese pharmacopoeia, and its contained artemisinin is not included in the monograph. thus, the authenticity of a.annua can not be verified by simply checking the pharmacopoeia monograph. some studies have shown that the main active ingredients of a.annua are flavones, including artemisinin [ 8 ],[ 11 ]. a.annua is rich in flavones, according to the technical monograph of chinese pharmacopoeia, they are suitable for the drug of the blood, and can be used to treat malaria, dizziness, and spasms. the chinese name of this plant is derived from the close relationship between its leaves and belladonna, and therefore, the plant has the same effects as belladonna [ 8 ].

the 2000 edition of chp was published in 2001, and the first table of 73 official prescription or herbal drugs that could be used for the treatment of diseases was published, as a manual for the determination of the efficacy of tcm. this text has been used as a source material to specify certain herbal drugs for the development of national and international standards, and has a significant impact on china’s domestic pharmaceutical market. in the united states, the first table of herbal drugs was published in 2014 [ 18 ]. however, ep has maintained the chinese pharmacopoeia 2000 in the table of 73 tcm, but modified them and has made some changes in quality control, which is a little different than the table of herbal drugs in chp.

chinese pharmacopoeia is the official published standard of the ministry of health of china. it is one of the most important bases for the clinical application of tcm in china. it is the only authoritative tcm document in china and will be the who model list of essential medicines of 2017. it was published by the state administration of traditional chinese medicine (satcm) of the state council, china in 2005. the official website of satcm is (or the recommended version for scientific and clinical use is the most recent version published in 2010. it is a new edition, revised and improved, published by the institute of chinese pharmaceutical sciences of the national drug standard management association. the official english name is chinese pharmacopoeia 2010. the revised edition is the first document that thoroughly addressed the problem of drug evaluation, quality evaluation, evaluation of tcm and the definition of “multicenter.” it also updated the official definitions of chinese materia medica, tested the theories of the scientific basis of chinese materia medica. some scholars believe that this revision introduces new methods for evaluating tcm such as “scientific demonstration,” “scientific research,” “matrix,” “clinical research,” “preclinical research,” “modern research,” “evidential research,” “and the modern china model.” this edition has brought forward a series of changes, such as the first outline of the chinese materia medica, the most complete and detailed classification of animal drugs, the scientific basis and principle of clinical research, the evaluation and evaluation method of chinese materia medica, the evaluation and evaluation method of chinese clinical prescriptions and chinese materia medica and the government gazette of tcm evaluation method. the particularity of this edition is that it made detailed quantitative determination of the markers and a certain drug standardized range to confirm the quality of the raw material. the book is divided into nine parts, including parts 1–3 are for raw materials of chinese drugs, and parts 4–9 are for macroscopic and microscopic observation of drugs, animal drugs, vegetables, minerals and animal drugs, plant drugs, mineral drugs, and animal drugs, respectively [ 17 ].

state administration of traditional chinese medicine or satcm state administration of traditional chinese medicine or satcm, is responsible for issuing chinese pharmacopoeia, herbal drugs, tcm pharmaceutical products, as well as medical scientific research. it is a subordinate department of the state council (sc) of the people’s republic of china. it was established in 1982 and is located at no.
recent decades have witnessed a rapid development of natural medicine. both ep and chp have revised their monographs of tcm to keep pace with the changes in tcm therapy. in the chinese pharmacopoeia, the characteristic of tcm is that certain drugs are used to treat certain disease conditions; in other words, the characteristic is determined by the disease conditions. this has led to the revision of monographs of tcm to change the characteristic of tcm and improve the quality and safety of tcm [ 54 ].
there are five published versions of chinese pharmacopoeia: the first one was published in 1953 as edition one. it was the first published pharmacopoeia of the people’s republic of china. the pharmacopoeia of 1976 was the second published edition (1976). it was the first edition of pharmacopoeia of the people’s republic of china to obtain the certificate of pharmaceutical quality (chapter i) of the ministry of public health and ministry of narcotics control of china, and it was also the first published book to be promoted by the ministry of public health and ministry of narcotics control of china.
the present edition of the pharmacopoeia, first version, is the seventh edition (2010). it complies with the new concepts of pharmacy. to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical ingredients of the pharmacopoeia and meet the demands of modern pharmacopoeia in china, a revision committee was established in 2009, and then revised the previous edition in 2012 and 2013. although there is a long history in chinese medicine, the pharmacopoeia was only compiled for the first time in 1952. this pharmacopoeia is based on the highest standards of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. thus, the pharmacopoeia of the people’s republic of china is regarded as the representative criteria for the quality of ingredients of pharmaceutical preparations in china. in addition, it provides scientific and useful pharmaceutical information and is the basis for the standardization of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and pharmaceutical products.


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