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according to igor igor, he is the first to have established a contractual relationship in order to create a distribution channel for the films of baikal films in the united states. the first film that was sold by him was “betrayal” in march 2006. “the first contract, signed in april 2006, was with fkk and its owner, sergei sukhov. igor igor bought the rights to three films from baikal films and sold them to fkk, which was then in charge of distributing the films in the united states. the contract was signed on the basis of the assumption that there was a contractual agreement between baikal films and fkk for the distribution of films.

in march 2007, the new owners of the firm pojkart, who are in fact igor igor’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law, acquired the rights to several films of baikal films, in particular, “the oily bastard”, “sewer” and “top secret” (us title: “blood in the sewer”). at that time, pojkart, igor igor and baikal films all thought that they were all partners. on march 7, 2007, igor igor and pojkart entered into a contract with fkk to distribute the films “oily bastard”, “sewer” and “top secret”. in july 2007, igor igor sold the rights to pojkart to fkk.

from 2006 to 2008, igor igor sold around 20 films to fkk and pojkart. they all sold dvds and videos. they have all been distributed in the united states, canada and europe. in 2007, they began to sell computer games. the first games that they sold were “sports” and “andalusia”.

in august 2007, igor igor’s company, azov films, created a website in order to sell films. it is not affiliated with the baikal films and is not a distributor of baikal films.

an article in the new york times on may 31, 2012, described igor smirnitsky, the director and producer of azov films, as a 60-year-old ukrainian immigrant who moved to the united states in 1994. he also described the company as “a business run by two brothers and a friend, who all share a passion for nudist and amateur girls. over the past decade. [32] in january 2012, the company, known as azov films, announced it was being sued by two florida-based federal agents for its alleged involvement in a child pornography network. in a post on boing boing, robert abbott “agent #1 met with the defendants in june 2008 and told them that the posted videos were being made by a friend of his that had “met a lot of these russian amateur girls and got to know them pretty well and spends most of his time with them, traveling with them, making movies with them.” [33] the article suggests that after the investigation was concluded and the agents told the defendants of the guidelines for identifying child pornography, “the feds returned in 2010 to go through the stuff again. this time, they collected hundreds of videos and cds. on one set of dvds, they found hundreds of photos and videos of naked, prepubescent girls, including one video of a 13-year-old girl lying in bed with her legs spread. ” [34] “you actually see stuff that he takes pictures of in here,” the agent said, pointing to the bathroom. he explained that the case was about 16 girls, ages 13 to 17, and included a male who authorities say went by the nickname boss, who allegedly abducted the girls on trips around ohio. “he would show up at their houses with a van to take them someplace private,” the agent said. [35] “he would have a camera, they would go somewhere private, he would take pictures of them — this involved sexual activity — and then he would tell them that if he posted the picture on the internet, they would get $300. and he would show them the money.” [36] this case was the first time the defendant’s name was known. the defendants reportedly ended up agreeing to stop posting the pictures, and agent #2 said he left “with an inner feeling he had accomplished something productive.” [37]


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