Igo Primo 800×480 Windows Ce 6.0 27 ⏩


Igo Primo 800×480 Windows Ce 6.0 27 ⏩


Igo Primo 800×480 Windows Ce 6.0 27

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acer is essentially aiming to sell the primo as a new breed of desktop pc, and of course thats what it would be a solid competitor to, if only its price were a little less steep. its still a pretty cool idea, and i have no doubt that some people will become hooked enough on it that theyll ignore the phone entirely. maybe youre one of those people, or maybe youll be one of the many android users who crave a desktop-like experience.

The 950 is the overall clear winner, with its camera-centric feature set simply outshining that of the Primo, which looked less appealing in daylight. But this isnt always an easy thing to decide, and theres something to be said for good usability over great looks every now and then.
Theres no name (yet) for the color variation of the Liquid Jade Primo, but it’s limited to 30 units, and will be sold through AcerBrasil, with prices in the ballpark of $649. That suggests that it will be a high-end color option, not something cheaper. Its also clear that the company sees the Primo as a phone for business, not consumers.
Acer saysthe Liquid Jade Primo uses an R-series Intel Atom processor for Windows Ce 6.0, a low-power, low-cost operating system from Microsoft intended to lure developers. Its based on the x86-32 architecture, supports 32 and 64-bit applications, and supports Windows Mobile 7 through 10 operating systems. Its predecessor, the Liquid Jade P100, which Acer first debuted in November 2013, used Intel ULV ( Ultra Low Voltage ) technology for an OS that came in at 2.9GHz. Its processor is rated at 2.15GHz, and it needs just under 2.5 watts to operate.
The Liquid Jade Primo also ships with a Microsoft Office 365 Personal subscription, which includes one terabyte of cloud storage and access to Office online apps for your documents and photos. Thats a nice touch, but its unclear how useful it is with the limited amount of storage available. And a single terabyte isnt enough for the average smartphone user.
Acer is hoping that the Liquid Jade Primo will be a hit, and that means that it will also be an important corporate device. Acer and other handset makers around the world are takingnote of Huawei and the popularity of its Mate 9, a handset that attempts to straddle both the consumer and business markets. The story here is that as the market for Windows phones continues to evolve, companies will seek out choices that are well-suited to their needs.



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