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Sunday, May 15, 2014

Giddy Up – Rocky Rococo Designs

Well, the happy little donkey has had her baby and has retired from blogging. Some of you may remember me posting about her birth 2 years ago on this blog. She had a very successful pregnancy and even has some photos of her kicking and even doing flips. Today I have a new project for you and I am posting this over at Elegant Eres… however, I will be posting this project on my personal blog on Wednesday May 18th for a Guest Designer’s Challenge. That is why I am posting on the Elegant Eres blog early – for a little catch up 🙂

With all the changes and I am thrilled to be the new June Guest Designer!

Guess what? You are right! I am going to be the Guest Designer! Can you tell how thrilled I am? It is a hard sell convincing me to quit but I am doing it. I just find myself waiting for the new months to start and I feel like I need to catch up with all the new surprises that the month will bring. Plus, having my own space means that I will be making some changes and more things will be coming soon and there will be a lot of stuff that I have to share with you guys. And, I will have plenty of time to do it!

In fact, I have already noticed that I am only able to make time for a few projects in a month and have a lot of ideas and projects I want to share with you guys. I plan to have my own pop-up shop sometime in August and October and I am getting lots of ideas and ideas for my own items, so I will be super busy up until then.

That being said, here is my first project for the June prompt and one of the first projects I have started for some time!

Here is the Rock Paper Scissor Shop!

To make this project you need one of these :

the Rock Paper Scissors Shop By Rocky Rococo Designs — a very fun shop that has


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