Mad Max: Fury Road Movie In Hindi


Mad Max: Fury Road Movie In Hindi



Mad Max: Fury Road Movie In Hindi

he decides that the best way to deal with his past, and to deal with his future, is to take the wheel of the war rig and head off on his own, to keep moving, and to keep running, hoping that maybe, somehow, he can make it to the all-american mecca.

some have theorized that the reason for his scarred face, and why he doesnt speak is because hes one of the few survivors of a nuclear holocaust. indeed, the scars tell a great story, one that is implied, at least. but the fact that heres only one of millions of people that were in this event, and all have this one thing in common, and thats that the whole world ended on that day, the day of the apocalyptic event, is actually a pretty strong indicator that theres something to this myth. that and the fact that its the mad max character, a figure that has transcended time, and can survive anything.

max s boyscout-like disposition is a bit of a throwback to the original mad max character, one with the innate ability to bond with people, and to be depended upon. its what got him into trouble in the first place, and why he was ultimately condemned to the gulag. its that noble nature that took him back, and is what ultimately saved him, at least for the moment. this relationship between max and the girl is equally true to the original, except now, because of the circumstances, it s actually the other way around.

one thing about the mad max mythos, one that the original film managed to depict so masterfully, is that its a world of two halves. its a world where the cities have fallen and the people have scattered, and a world where the highways run and the people are everywhere, meeting the fate of their road. theres a side to the world that has been paved over and the other side that still has room to roam. max is one of the few characters that can bridge the two worlds, and he s really the only one who can save his people.



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